Speak up and help beat COVID-19

Thank you for your interest in this study. This study aims to explore how algorithms can use voice data, including cough recordings, to detect COVID-19.

To continue, you will need your COVID-19 test kit barcode number. You can find this on a sticker on either your test kit instruction booklet, or your test receipt card. Your test kit barcode number should be an 11-character code in the format ABC12345678. Please keep a record of this number.

The privacy notice on the next page explains how your information will be used if you choose to take part. You will then be asked for your agreement to take part in the study.

You will be asked a few basic questions about you, and your health. These questions, such as your height and first language are all things that can affect how your voice sounds.

Once you have answered these questions, you will be asked to record a short series of sounds using the built-in microphone on your phone or tablet. These sounds will include a forced cough, breathing sounds, and a defined sentence.

It should take you 5-10 minutes to take part in this study.

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